they’re here…

Yep, four (and a half) boxes of books arrived late morning here in ABQ, NM… the public editions of A Kindred Spirit!  The FDO mark on the back and copyright page is gone, replaced by a little Z (for ZiaLink) and LCCN (Library of Congress Control #) yay!  I checked all the new art, like my updated photo (a tad blurry) from desaturating a color pic (that one -> to the right.)  Plus, it has all the Errata updates  (the mile long list, remember that?) I did check the print date, and as I had hoped, this batch was printed on Sept 16,  my dearly departed dad’s birthday.  How cool is that?  I’ll take a closer look after I blog, tweet and scream out the front door 😉 It’s the Equinox (today) and yes, I’m PUBLISHED!

I still won’t believe it until I see the dang thing on Amazon. That’s the times we live in.  (pause…  I check one more time and guess what —  yes, it’s also LIVE on Amazon!  My novel is for sale on Well, what a trip! I must say my heart pounded when I saw it there and I couldn’t wait to call Mo (long-time friend and part-time editor 😉  amazing, really!  A feeling I will long remember. 

Well, there you have it.  Anyone in ABQ who wants a copy should  come to Hastings Friday night.  5:30 – 7:30 pm. (the Coors store, near Montano bridge.)  See ya there, or be square.  Denny will be there too, Stinky Feet and all 😉

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  1. Wow, this is COOL! What a superb blog site! I’m impressed. Soon you’ll be a cult favourite and you can send me some money. Whoops, how did that get in there? It wasn’t me, promise! Seriously, five stars all around so far.

    I also, btw, love the Blog, Tweet, & Scream sequence. Much better than my overused, ageing, prehistoric Weep, Bash, & Bury sequence.

    I’ll go get me a pink ouija board, dress in drag, and get some market forecasts for the book.

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