AKS has moved!

AKS cover
AKS cover

Hey you Dickheads, gawkers and AKS book buyers, we’re switching things around at ZiaLink Ink.

This is the AKS Archive site for old book blog posts, your comments, and other fun stuff from the heyday of book signings, and AKS events (like the famous Phil fest at Boulder, CO!)

Of course you can find the book, with samples, at  iTunes book store (for Apple fans) or at Amazon.com use my author’s page, where you can see (and BUY) all three books:

  • A Kindred Spirit (the novel) in both trade paperback and eBook form
  • Seeing Clearly (a “sequel-of-sorts” to AKS, but nonfiction)
  • Beyond the GodForce
    (20 yr anniversary edition of the raw Cosmic feed)

Stay tuned… more updates and new projects in the works!