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The “Sequel-of-Sorts” to AKS was published August, 2013:

Cover of Seeing Clearly eBook
SORRY, no idea why the image is cutting off

Seeing Clearly takes some of the controversial and fascinating topics from the novel (A Kindred Spirit) and re-examines them. But, this time we’ll look at the Big Questions (what’s really real) straight up. Not as a story, but nonfiction sounds academic or erudite. This is just a conversation, or chat, actually. Each chapter will examine some cosmic conundrum, perplexing paradox or just plain mysterious mess in short “bite-size” essays.

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In addition to AKS, Morgan and ZiaLink Ink published Beyond the GodForce in 2011…

“What is the GodForce and what could possibly lie beyond?” This is how the journey begins. This little guidebook takes us on an amazing journey within and whizzing through the cosmos of photons and What Is. It will guide and inspire you to re-call what you have always known. We are ALL part of the GodForce.

The story of HOW this booklet came about is just an incredible as the information in it.  If you “look inside” by clicking first to Amazon.com  and then again, you can read the introduction or get a free sample for your Kindle.

Are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime? Beyond the GodForce maybe the Ultimate Self-Help guide to the meaning of life. Let’s SEE! Click the cover to BUY the eBook.

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